3 perfect office spaces for tech geeks within a budget and with an amazing view!

A couple of spots where you can work, collaborate and shoot a photo that will look great on your Instagram. Just work, travel and enjoy the journey!

I’m very lucky as my clients and partners are located in really nice places such as Milan, Lisbon or Paris. However, even the local ones, in London, got breathtaking views. Suppririsigly a couple of them have collaborative spaces where you can rent a desk or a small office. Perfect if you want to keep your cost low and for example place the client facing team there. Definitely worth considering if you want your business to be present in the heart of technological capital of Europe.

Digital Greenwich in London

Digital Greenwich works alongside Digital Cities, a Council owned Innovation Company set up to bring additional expertise and allow the Council to work in more innovative ways with the private sector and other partners.  You can rent a hot desk for your company there and join this technological hub. Some of them are part of the consortium building smart city for London, Lisbon and Milan. Sometimes it was really hard to focus during the meeting while looking at Canary Warf, O2 Arena, Thames and the planes, flying from City Airport. Lovley experience!

Tower Hill in London

This area is full of spots with amazing views, from the same office you can see Tower Bridge, The Tower of London, City, Shard and many more. To get there you can take traditional public transport or even a boat from Greenwich. Just next to a magical St. Katherine’s Dock (which is one of my favourite places in London) is WeWork, where you can rent a small office with an amazing view and great facilities. I like this company also for the way they disrupted their industry, it reminds me times when I was heading there the development of a truly groundbreaking product.

Walkie Talkie in London

Most of the offices there are occupied by well-established companies but they tend to sublet the unused spaces to optimise their costs. On top of the building is an amazing Sky Garden where I like to grab a coffee before the meetings. It is also available for the people from outside to enjoy the view but if you are not registered as a visitor by someone you’re meeting in the building you need to register via website around two weeks in advance. Definitely worth making an effort to get there! Amazin view!

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